In the early days of Chronoswiss remnants of mechanical watch movements made by Enicar, which were no longer produced, were turned into watch cases and sold. Today's collection consists of mechanical watches and also includes limited editions. Characteristic of the watches are, among other things, the onion crown, the knurled bezel and screwed bracelet bars. Characteristic of Chronoswiss is a design that is inspired by the models of the turn of the century from the 19th to the 20th century. Typical complications include the use of quarter-hour repetition (model Repetition à quarts) and the introduction of the first skeletonized automatic chronograph (Model opus). With the help of original tools from the 1940s, the Classic Chronograph model was produced. The Orea model has a dial enamel finish. Among the best-known models of the brand is the 1987 presented and available from 1988 Régulateur, the first standard watch with regulator dial. Over the decades, the icon of the brand developed, which was constantly evolving. In 2016, Chronoswiss introduced the Flying Regulator, the first regulator model with a multi-level dial. The slogan of the brand "Regulate your time" is in line with the focus on the Regulator line. Since then, the model icon Regulator has been developing its own collection with ever new complications and functionalities.

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Chronoswiss Sirius Regulator Jumping Hour - CH-8323

Restrained elegance is the perfect way to describe the Sirius Régulateur Jumping Hour. The timepiece fits harmoniously into the Sirius line and offers a sophisticated guilloche dial and a jumping hour display at 12:00.
£5,064.10 incl tax